Sunday, May 22, 2011

OMG! I'm a Bloody Idiot! see what I mean.  Yesterday was bloody Saturday.......and all day I was thinking Sunday!!!  I'm loosing it!  Where is my brain?  Helloooooo brain!  It's me Jeanie calling!!  Damnit!

It's the's gotta be the stress!  What stress......I have no stress.  Umm.....wellllllll, yeah, I guess there is a little bit.  Hubby came home last night, and I just KNEW he'd been drinking alcohol, when his doctors have specifically told him NOT to. The medication he is on could make it very dangerous!  I didn't call him on it, because, of course, it wouldn't have done me any good, nor served any purpose, except for me getting it out of my system!  

Hm?   Maybe that's just what I need to do.  Or...........maybe I just need to forget about it, and act like it never happened. After least he didn't OVER do it.  

Change of subject here, I think it's time to get over myself and just blog.

Sooo, with that in mind, I wanted to chat a bit about a television show that I often watch.....okay, not so much often, as ALL THE TIME!  LOL!!  Whenever it's on, I'm watching it! the way, the name of this show is called, "Say Yes To The Dress".  It's on the TLC channel.  

I love this show. It's sooooooo much fun watching these brides trying on wedding dresses!!  I love this show because, well, I'm a woman, and women love the romance of it, and the dressing up part.  I mean there are some women that get the chance to dress up all the time, and then there are women like myself, who NEVER get that chance.  Yes, I know, I've been married twice.  But with my first marriage, I had to wear a hand-me-down that my sister-in-law got married in.  IT was an AWFUL dress........not that it didn't look okay, it just wasn't MY dress!

I dream of wearing one of those beautiful sparkly gown's.  Heck, I just want to try one on!  Actually.......I want to try on a bunch of them!!  LOL!

This is one of my favorites!! Isn't it just beautiful!!

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