Monday, May 23, 2011

Monday, know, like the song!

Raise your hand if you like Mondays!!

Only Hermione Granger would like Mondays!  Am I right???   

Her character in the Harry Potter movies, played by "Emma Watson" was portrayed as the very studious and little know it all girl/friend of Harry Potter, along with Ron Weasley, (Rupert Grint), who Hermione develops a kind of love/hate relationship with.

ABC Family channel had the "Harry Potter" movies aired all weekend long, which is what made me think of Hermione, of course.

Sooo, I spent the weekend totally, well, not totally. Actually I spent the weekend trying to redesign my blog.  I think I've got it to the point where I can live with it, but I still might tweak it a bit here and there.  I wish I were a bit more of a tech-head than I am........but as the saying goes, "it is what it is".  So, I make do with what I can do, and the rest will hopefully work itself out.  Sooner or later..........probably mostly later!

In one of my earlier posts I spoke about the TLC channel, and a show called, "Cake Boss". I love watching Buddy and his cohorts making those amazing cakes!  Below are just a few that I thought were pretty spectacular!

 Aren't they just unbelievable!  I can just imagine the amount of work that go into making these. I thought, for a while, about learning how to make fondant, but after watching this show........I decided against it.  It's just a whole lot of work for this ole lady to really mess with.  Also, I've heard from some folks that fondant isn't all that tasty either.  But who knows, I might still try it some day.

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