Saturday, February 27, 2010

World's Worst Procrastinator

Yup!  That's me with a CAPITAL T ~ The worst! I DARE you to try and find anyone who is worse than me! LOL.
However, that does NOT mean I am willing to bet Glitter Text Generatoron that, so don't ask!

Okay, now for my formal apology for being a damn darn procrastinator.

Please, please, please, pleasssseeeee  forgive me!   
Sorry smiley Pictures, Images and Photos

Phewwww!  Now that I got that out of the way, I can talk about what's been going on the last week or so! I can tell you it has been an uphill battle, and some days it takes every bit of my will power to climb out of bed in the mornings. But I have to keep going, or .......well, there is NO or.

I've been sticking with my physical therapy, and it's actually starting to NOT cause so much pain as with my 1st visit.  I have also been to see the (foot) doctor whom I was referred to by my spine doctor, whom I was referred to by my hip & knee doctor.  Well get the picture.


I now have a list of doctors whom I have seen or still am seeing a mile long, or........maybe it just seems that way to me. thinking smiley Pictures, Images and Photos

Anyway, I finally got the x-ray of my foot evaluated and diagnosed, which was all I needed in the first place.......nothing that a couple hundred bucks wouldn't take care of!!  As though I am a rich bitch lady, who can afford to pay for all of that!

I swear, the medical industry is making a killing! But that's just par for the course. As far as anything being done about my left ankle........that is the very least of my worries. Although, one day I would like to get it taken care of, just not right now.  I'd also like to get a tummy-tuck, and liposuction, but that ain't isn't going to happen either.......unless of course I win the lottery or something.  Hmm?  But then........I'd have to purchase a lottery ticket to win! LOL.  But, I've been there and done that.  I would hate to think about the amount of money I spent on lottery tickets........Wow!  NO.......I sure don't want to think about it~

Altogether I've had a pretty lousey two weeks, but hey.........its the week-end!!  I live for the week-ends, especially early Saturday morning, when there is usually a dog show on 'Animal Planet'.  I'd just love to have one of those cute little 'Yorkies'!!  If I ever find myself alone, that's the kind of companion I'd prefer.  Those are the kind that give you unconditional love!


Now isn't that the cutest face you've ever seen!!!

But, I hear horror stories about these little guys and gals being used by "puppy mills" strictly for breeding these dogs as fast as one of them can reproduce.  It is the worst kind of cruelty to animals!!   The days of purchasing puppies from "Pet Stores" may be gone before long, and that is sad, because there is no way of telling whether the puppy in the Pet Store didn't come from a 'puppy mill'. The best way to purchase one of these little darlings is to find a reputable breeder that might possibly be expecting a litter, or if not, maybe that breeder knows another (still reputable) breeder who is expecting.  I had thought about becoming a breeder a few years back, until I found out how much money it takes to get started, and then there is all the stuff one needs to know, well........I had second thoughts about it then. LOL.

Ah well, as usual I've gotten off topic, but hey...........that's my prerogative!! 

If I should outlive the hubby though, I'll have a little guy or gal like the one above to keep me company.  Although, when I really think about I really want to go chasing around cleaning up little doggie doodles, and cleaning pee stains out of the carpets???  Hm?  Maybe I can find one that's older, that needs adopting.........and already house broken!

Until next time........and I promise!  Next time won't be sooooooooo long in between posts!!