Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Tuesday Trash Day!

Soo........Tuesday Trash Day turned into Wednesday Hump Day, on account of, I didn't get my "Tuesday Trash Day", done on Tuesday, and now it's Wednesday!.........Whoops!!  Just so you know I'm not a crazy broad! crazy Pictures, Images and Photos
Wellllllllll..........Okay, maybe just a little crazy.

I have to admit, I did slip up a while back and put a title for one of my posts as Sunday, when in fact it was Saturday!  Soooooooo, I'm hoping I am not getting early warning signs of Alzheimers.

What can I say, I'm an ole lady.  Shrug Pictures, Images and Photos

The post's title is Trash Day, simply because Tuesday is the day that the garbage people come to dump our trash bin. It's also the day that my husband plays in his "Scrambles" (golf) tournament, not that this has anything to do with Trash!

Well...........the scrambles is held every Tuesday afternoon, and usually doesn't get finished until close to 8PM. The guys play in the scrambles, and then are served a really nice dinner afterward, and then they are awarded prizes, depending upon where they ranked in the tournament.

The hubby has several awards hanging on the walls in this room, called 'the computer room'.  Here are just a few of said awards:

Not sure what organization sponsored this tournament, but as you can see, he won 1st place.  Btw, the picture to the left, is a picture of the hubby's granddaughter, and her mother, whom is the hubby's daughter.  Got that?  I hope so, because I don't plan to repeat it.

This award was actually from the same tournament as the one above, however, this award was for achieving a 'Hole in One'.

The award above is also for a "Hole in One", but it was not from any tournament. This is one he got back in January of 2004, when he was playing at the City Golf Course, "Whispering Pines".

As you know from my previous posts, my husband is a below the knee amputee.  He lost his left leg, just below the knee, and he wears a prosthesis. He was just featured in a news article that caters to Prosthesis Pedorthists', and manufacturers of Prosthetic appliances. As soon as the article comes out, I will post it here.  

Until next time folks!
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