Friday, April 16, 2010

Hello All! Just a quickie NOTE here

The Award that you will see in the side panel-blog roll is something I am most humbled and proud to display!

It was just bestowed upon me by a member of the community of bloggers, (of which I am one),  known as "BlogCatalog"

The blogger whom gave this to me is a very sweet lady, so please go and visit her blog, leave a comment if only to say hello.  Nensa is a wonderful human being for sure!

Please take the time and go visit her here -  Blog,

Leave a comment, even if just to say Hello!


  1. Hi July,
    Thanks for posting this... I'm really honored.
    I felt blessed to be friend with you.
    Thanks again my friend.
    Have a nice week-end!!

  2. Hi Nensa!

    Please don't thank me..... I am the one who is really really HONORED by you, for including me in your list, and counting me as a friend. You are such a sweetheart of a woman. Now we are both blessed my dear!! You have a great week-end yourself! ((Hugs))