Friday, April 16, 2010

Important Update On My Teeth!

Okay, sooooooooo

I told you all in my "Toothy Post" that I would publish, for you, the picture of the way my teeth look with my current smile.  I had also, in that post, told you that I added a Paypal donation button in hopes that those of you who could spare a dollar or two to please help me out.  Please understand that I am doing this to show you that I am in real danger of becoming seriously ill, (this from the doctor, dentist), if I do not have something done soon!

I asked the dentist if he knew how that could be possible without money?  He says, "you can work out some kind of payment plan with my staff, it shouldn't be a problem."  Ha!  Yeah right.........for YOU it isn't! I know how I sound to you, contrary, cynical??  Yes, I suppose I am. But only because society has taught me cynicism the hard way.   Hm?  Maybe I should have told him how many (payment plans) "MEDICAL" I'm paying on right now already!!!  Sighhhhhhhhh!
Last week, I started having terrible pain in the area of my eyetooth. I had to go see a dentist when it became totally unbearable for me!!    I found out that I had developed a really bad infection at the root of my eyetooth, and one right next to it. Both of which have broken off at the gum line. The left side of my face was so swollen that I could barely breath through my nose. The infection had gotten into my sinus.  The dentist gave me some antibiotics and something for the pain. I am just now starting to feel human again. That was a very unpleasant experience!  But, I don't think anyone can understand the depth of pain this causes unless you have experienced it yourself.

aw Pictures, Images and Photos

Anyway, here it is for all the world to see!  My Ugly smile! More like a grimace!  

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