Friday, September 3, 2010

The HEAT Has FINALLY Let Up…Sorta, Kinda!

            I can walk out the door and not break into a sweat immediately!  Our highs' are still getting into the 90's on most days, but as the Sun sinks in the southern skies, the temperatures cool down to the 60's. At least the nights have been cooler! Right now the mornings, and late evenings are the best times to get outside, due to the temperatures having fallen to a comfortable level.
Sweating Pictures, Images and PhotosThe humidity this past summer has been through the roof!

Although we have not had the dry weather that has plagued the mid-west. It was so hot every day, that most times the heat would bring a rash of scattered storms by late in the afternoon or evening, and plenty of rain for those of us in the south. I am looking forward to the milder temperatures of the fall season.
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 Okay, change of subject here...... 
As you all know by now, the hubby is an avid golfer, so when he lost his left leg in a surgical mishap several years ago, he worked continuously toward getting his "handicap" golfing scores back where they were, before the loss of his leg. He has had numerous prosthesis replacements, and due to his golfing activities, his prosthesis has continued to improve and update. Both his spirit for golf and his sense of humor always got him through the really bad times.  Me? Well, I can tell you that during the time when he lost his leg, I am damn sure I was having a nervous breakdown. However, at the time, I didn't realize it……..not until much later
                                  Anyway, since the hubby is an avid golfer, he needed a prosthetic leg that was able to do more than just hold him upright. He received a new prosthesis just about a week ago, and this thing actually has a computer in it. It actually senses when he is standing or walking up or down a hill! And, will detect when he sits down and automatically adjust to that positioning.

                            As you can see, it is one of the most advanced prosthesis made. The computerized box sits right on the limb encasement, backside of the prosthesis. It's quite amazing what can be done with artificial limbs these days. He could probably run in it, if he were so inclined. But he's NOT into running, or much of a walker either, LOL. However, he is quite proud of his new prosthesis.
                           Like I said, he is an avid golfer, but only IF he can play with a golf cart. He NEVER walks the course, even when he did have both legs, he NEVER walked a golf course, as far as I know. I suppose that, in his youth, he might have walked one or two?, but in his youth, he was a little more energetic, and agile. He just turned 65 last May, and he's already had one heart attack, along with arterial sclerosis. He has two stents in his heart, and another one in his femoral artery. Just a few weeks ago, he was going all A-Fib on me. Anyway, you can clearly see why he does as little walking as possible while on the golf course, LOL!
Okay, enough about hubby. I, on the other hand, am a mess, sorta….. kinda.
                           I just had seven teeth extracted on Monday this week, so I'm still in the process of healing. The surgeon did a magnificent job. His name is Dr. Elliot Maxwell, DDS. ……….Oh! And being the most good looking man on this side of the universe certainly helps!! Hehehehehe! 
Hey now!! - I might be old, but I'm NOT dead yet! The man was definitely Calendar mat'l! sly smile Pictures, Images and Photos
                            On another subject, I have decided that I must tackle one of my addictions! 
Smoking?.......umm, Well………soon, Okay!? But that isn't the addiction I was talking about. Chewing my nails?…….well, yes that is an addiction too, sort of, (more of a habit), however........ since the surgery I've not been able to chew them at all.  I take this as an opportunity to quit at least this one annoying habit.     Soooo, I'm working on that too. 
                                   No............ the addiction I was speaking of is called, "Procrastination". I am finding out that this behavior is as addictive as say, obsessive, compulsive disorders.
Here is just a small piece of information that I collected from this site: Procrastinators Anonymous Website
According to the author and founder of this group , "Chronic Procrastination is NOT a Time Management Problem! This is something that I was sure glad to know. 
                                 Nor, is it a laughing matter, or source for jokes. No, this author gets infuriated at any jokes regarding procrastination. Why? Because there is NOTHING funny about it, not if one is suffering from true chronic procrastination. Lawyers have been disbarred due to it. Small business owners have lost their businesses due to it. People's lives fall apart and are destroyed due to procrastination.
                                 He goes on to say that the 'Psychological' community is totally blind in not recognizing procrastination as an addictive disorder. Every book or article he has read about procrastination talks about getting to the 'underlying reason' why one procrastinates so their problem can be solved. Now, granted, knowing why you procrastinate on a particular task can be helpful, but, it is not the whole solution – not by a long shot. It's like saying an alcoholic can stop drinking if he can only discover what's really bothering him. 
Now…here is an idea! Could it be that an alcoholic drinks because he has an addictive personality? And, that alcohol just happens to be his drug of choice. Ah-ha!idea Pictures, Images and Photos Therein lies the truth of the matter.
The author goes on to state that he is a chronic procrastinator (even has graduate training in psychology)!....... who has also had to deal with a variety of addictive problems. He states that procrastination feels like addiction, and it is the hardest addiction to deal with.
                                    It is harder to stop procrastination than it is to quit drinking, smoking, taking drugs, and compulsive eating all wrapped together! Wow! Now I understand why the postings on my blog are so rare! I have a horrible addiction in procrastination!! It is not just a behavioral problem. Actually, my whole personality is an addictive one. I've had addiction to drugs, but not alcohol, that's the hubby's little addiction, although he also has been able to overcome that, mainly because of the medications he takes now.
Note: Procrastinators do NOT have a problem with time management. They DO, however, have a problem with compulsive avoidance. Procrastination is a form of addictive escapism that must be dealt with directly or there will NEVER be any recovery from it. Hm?  Why would I want to escape from my blogging?  I love to write!  Maybe it is because I am putting myself out there for the world to see, (and judge)!?

This website "Procrastinators Anonymous",  has brought me colossal hope for my future, and will possibly help cure me of what I always considered simply a bad habit, or pure laziness.  Although to be true to my inner self, I never have considered myself a lazy person. Anyway, I intend to join the group and use all the resources they provide!  We shall see!!
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