Friday, August 20, 2010


Is it just me? 

Does anyone else notice our system of government is in chaos? It is as if Satan has taken control of our Federal, and State representatives.

Granted, I am not a terribly religious individual, although I do have belief in the Bible and what it teaches. Nor do I adhere totally to those teachings, as some folks do. I don't attend church regularly, but I keep the word of God in my heart. Now, if this causes me to go end up in HELL when I pass from this world, so be it.

With that being said, and looking at everything that has been happening in the world; i.e., disasters of terrible magnitude, earthquakes, tsunamis, horrendous floods, disease, and pestilence, and a huge increase in murder and mayhem, it really gets one to thinking that we could be headed for total extinction of the human race!

Scientists have been telling us for years that we could be facing another, "ICE AGE". 

Just recently I read an article containing a scientific report of a glacier in North America. The (Nisqually) on Mount Rainier, has been growing since the year 1931. You can read the article here:

One would think that information of this magnitude would have been a lead item in every newspaper in the world. This would lead one to wonder why it was not reported to the masses? The web article states that any competent climatologist would immediately grasp, (from said report), that glacial advances are an early warning sign of Northern Hemisphere chilling of the sort that can bring on an Ice Age. An Ice Age is determined with great scientific precision. Laurence Hecht, Editor of 21st Century Science and Technology Magazine wrote the web article referenced above.

I have to say, it makes one stop and think. After all, our continent has remained unchanged mostly, for a good many years, and we all know that Mother Nature is slightly unpredictable. Then again, all the hoopla about Global Warming makes one wonder if we'll experience the exact opposite. Whom to believe? In addition, how does one prepare for an event such as that? I'm not sure there is a way to prepare.

Nevertheless, I don't see it happening in my lifetime, or even my children's. However, the grandchildren could possibly experience such a phenomenon. Who knows what to believe nowadays, with the things that have gone on in the past 50 to 100 years.

On a joyful note, Mother Nature just happened to give us a spectacular sunset the other evening, so I got my camera out and took a quick picture. See below:

  But then Mother Nature doesn't always go out so peacefully, as the picture's below show her:

This was from the back of our home.  

And then it moved to the front side...........

Mother Nature put on a real amazing light show just last evening.  I tried to take a couple of pictures, but unfortunately my camera just isn't the best in the world, doesn't take real good nighttime pics, I didn't get the lightening show like I wanted.  But it was amazing! It was miles away but you could see the storm going on nonetheless.  The lightening was almost continuous!

This summer has been exceptionally HOT and HUMID.  Ever since the first week of July, every day has been in the 90's, with humidity levels at 100% almost every day. Just makes it extremely uncomfortable to be outside for very long!  It's hard to imagine an 'ICE AGE' coming with temperatures like this.  But then again, the last winter we had down here stayed extremely cold for an extremely long time! 

Anyone else ever think about this stuff, or "Is it just me?"


  1. Jeanie-those are some magnificent pictures. Very dramatic. I think a lot of people worry about the future and what will become of us with all the crazy things going in politics and the environment. I'm not really one of them. I just try to do my best and live day to day.

  2. Hey Marty, thanks.....but I could get some even better ones if I had a little more sophisticated camera. Oh, the one I have does alright, but it's an old one. One of the first digital cameras that was manufactured. It's an Olympus Camedia. I could have gotten some fantastic pics of the lightening the other night, but this old camera has a few seconds hesitation when the button is depressed......not quick enough for any quick action shots. However, I'll live with it for a while longer. We have a video camera too, but it's cumbersome and older than methuselah!

    What you say makes perfect sense of course. And, I suppose that is the what we should all do. Try to do our best, and take each day as a gift and live it like there is no tomorrow.

    Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment! I appreciate it very much!