Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Where did Monday Go? Or The Weekend Before it?? Swoosh! Gone!

Monday always comes………no matter how hard I wish it not to…..it defeats my wishes in the end, and it comes, sneaking quietly into the dawn! Okay…..just kick me, but I can't help it, I love the week-ends, and I HATE Mondays! Sooo.......I guess it's a good thing that Monday passed so quickly, LOL!


Saturday morning starts out with my favorite Saturday morning TV show. Usually, on Saturday mornings promptly at 6 A.M. "Animal Planet" has a dog show, i.e. 'Westminster, American Kennel Club, AKC Eukanuba, and so forth. Even 'Animal Planet' has it's own 'Dog Championship' shows.


I love to watch even the ones that I know are re-runs. Yes, call me crazy, call me weird. I don't have a dog, and I don't intend to have one, unless of course, (God forbid), something were to happen to the hubby. IF I were alone, only then would I consider owning a dog. The reason for this is simple. the hubby is a full-time job, and he would NOT appreciate any competition for my affections, even toward an animal. And, I would not be able to take care of it in the manner I would prefer. I would pamper it, and love it unconditionally, as I know any pet's love for it's owner/master is just that, 'unconditional', be it dog or cat.

This image was acquired from:


DogBlog is the weblog of http://www.dogstuff.com/

They have all kinds of interesting information about rescue and dogs, and the dog stuff they sell. They maintain that the products they sell are some of the best on the market.


The dogs on these Championship shows are pampered pooches to be sure, but they are also very well behaved, and well-trained.


Who wouldn't love a little fluffy face like the one below!
 Bichon,small,dog   This image taken from: http://bichon.org/PGHeadStudies.htm

The Official Website for The Bichon Frise Club. They offer all kinds of helpful information on anything 'Bichon'.

The poodles are picture perfect examples of grooming expertise. Amazing!Poodle,Frence,Standard

The image above acquired through:


The website is the National General Kennel Club. It originates from China, and provides values, standards, the registration process, and is China's independent national kennel club. They are committed to helping and organizing all dog lovers, clubs, kennels, and organizations in promoting responsible dog ownership, breeding and exhibition.


The picture shown above was acquire from here:


Maribeso Papillon Kennel provides a daycare, and boarding services. They also supply the latest news from recent competitions and shows, and links to other kennels and related sites.

The Papillon Breed is a personal favorite of mine, along with the ones shown below of the Yorkshire Terrier.

Another one of my personal favorites! The Yorkshire Terrier. Why is it a favorite you ask?

Simple….. the hair on these little guys & gals is as close to human hair as possible. Of course, were I to own one of these little darlings, I wouldn't be entering it in any dog shows, hence, the short hair version! LOL!

Now, its NOT that I sit and watch these dog shows from start to finish, not doing anything else - (from 6 to 9 AM). No, usually I watch it from whatever TV I am in front of, doing whatever it is I'm doing at the time, folding clothes, washing dishes, dusting furniture, etc. I always have it on, in the living room, the bedroom, and in my home office, (small room with a small TV and my computer), LOL. However, when the hubby is home on those Saturday mornings, I have to make modifications in my routine, as he is a couch potato when he's home, and the remote is his personal property during those times!

Sundays are, well.....just Sundays.  They come and they go.  Hm?  Maybe I should think about visiting one of the dozen or so nearby churches?  Nahhhhh.

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