Sunday, March 7, 2010

Choking The Life Out of America........

Sorry folks, I know it's been a while. I've been waging my own private, very frustrating, and debilitating, battle with CPS, (chronic pain syndrome).  I have days when I feel ok, and others where I can't get through a day without having to lie down.  On those days, (this has been going on for years), I've always described this unrelenting pain to my friends and family, as (my head) being a bowling ball, balanced on the tip of a toothpick, (my spine).

I think in one of my previous blogs I stated that this blog is what helps me to deal with the depression that comes with (my invisible illness), having someone out there to talk to, and of course, to know that there are others all over the country living with chronic pain. I hope this helps you understand why there might be longer pauses between posts, than normal.

As you know, from the title of my blog, there are times when I will rant about politics, and our government representatives. This is one of those times.

Ha!  representatives my ass!! Who do they really represent? Because it sure does not look to me like they are representing their constituents!  Okay, grant it........not ALL of our politicians are corrupt and power hungry.

But it is my opinion that a good deal of them have become corrupted by greed and power.  Whether you agree with that statement matters not to me, it is only my opinion. It is also my opinion that there should be a law that would prevent a candidate from accepting any campaign funds from 'special interest groups', like corporations, banks, or individuals who have their own agenda, that they fully expect said candidate to fulfill. Our government has simply gotten too big, and too controlling. Our freedoms are very slowly being taken away little by little.  So slowly that most of us have failed to notice it, until it just might be too late.

There are some people who think that Glenn Beck, is nothing more than a propagandist looking to make money by telling 'tall tales' about what our government has been up to for the last...oh, say 50, 60, or 70 years.  Mr. Beck, in my opinion does not speak with a forked tongue, (unlike certain politicians). Everything that he states on his show is backed up with facts. He has been forecasting for years now, exactly what is happening in our United States right now. High unemployment, Big Government, and a Federal Deficit that is very close to being unsustainable!

I don't claim to be an authority on the subject, never did, but just suppose, for a second that the dollar bill were to suddenly be devalued. What do you think will happen in this country?  Another depression, much worse than the "Great Depression" of 1929, (black Tuesday), ever thought about being. But lets ponder on this. The great depression of 1929, if you know your history, was when the stock market crashed. There was high unemployment, (much like it is now), poverty, which has always been present, low profits, deflation; farm profits plunged drastically. There was a sudden and general loss of confidence in the economic future. Sound familiar??  Even when the depression continued to get worse, the politicians, and Industry leaders were issuing optimistic predictions for our economy.  Hmm?  Gets you thinking doesn't it.

We have a black President who campaigned for change, and promised anything and everything to get elected. What, I wonder has he done to change anything for the better? Other than making things worse, spending more money that we don't have, creating non-existent jobs to make people think that the 'recession' was starting to subside. Yep, he's surely done that!

Oh well, as I stated, this is just my opinion. But I'll leave you with this to ponder, "Those who don't know our history, will surely be doomed to repeat it"....again, and again, and over again.


  1. Roberta,
    The first of your blogs that I read. Terrific! You're a great writer. Come on, fight that CPS, because I do, too. I sought out blogging for therapy myself, now I'm enjoying, and like you, I haggle with lapses in posting and my age demands (I mean rest for a while due to doctor's advice).

    Thank God I found you, my dear friend!

  2. Lita,

    Awww.....Wow, thank you so much! I'm very flattered by your comment dear.

    Oh yes! I am fighting it with every breath I take. I will not let it slow me down.......((too much)). LOL!

    Sooo, I guess I'm not sure what your medical situation is? Do you also have CPS? Is yours in the spine too?

    Yes, I have found blogging to be quite therapeutic to me. But my life right now is umm pretty messed up (long story) & (I could write a book)!! Most of my problems have been self-imposed, so to speak.

    I am also very thankful that you found me! I hope we become great friends my dear! Take care ((Hugs))

  3. Hi Roberta, arthritic pain is certainly unavoidable as we age but age is just a figure to define our body. What's important is what lies in our head and our heart.

    I think arthritis is also catching up with me. Been having joint pains of late. I believe you have managed your condition very well and I will have to too in time. Meanwhile, I try to be active with exercises.

  4. Hello Wenny,

    Thanks for the comment dear. Yes, I agree with your statement about age only being a number. As a matter of fact I think I have used that analogy in one of my past blogs. Ha! I would be very happy just to feel like I did in my 40's.....I'd be all set!! LOL!

    My dear sweet Grandmother, (My Mothers' Mother), and the most generous and loving woman you could ever meet; She had told me once that when you reach forty everything starts slowly to go downhill from there. She was a very wise woman, and I miss her dearly. Whenever I have those pesky aches and pains, I remember her words to me. As a matter of fact today has been one of those pesky days!!

    Thanks again for the comment, it is very much appreciated!