Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Roberta Ogilvie-Fye (Julyjeanie22) Twitter stats

Roberta Ogilvie-Fye (Julyjeanie22) Twitter stats

Okayyyyyy, Hm???   Sooooo,  Should I be concerned with something like my "Twitter" stats??????  NOPE!  Not one bit!  Twitter is twitter.........and just because I don't tweet everyday, ten times a day, like some folks do - doesn't make me a bad person!  Or.......a lazy one!  Although, if someone who DID worry about their "Stats", and spent their whole day twitter-in, just so their stats would be higher........now that I would worry about! LOL.


  1. Hi JulyJeanie,
    Wow! Your my inspiration! I didn't know you were 60, I thought you were 22. Hehe!
    I also just started blogging too about 1 1/2 months ago. How do you do it everyday? How do you get traffic to your site? And how is that your writing is so flawless? Sometimes, I re-read what I wrote and there are so many grammar error. My teachers would probably have a heartattack if she saw my blog. YIKES!
    Your blogs has really good information and I really enjoyed reading it. Thanks.


  2. Hi Julie,

    Oh my goodness! Inspiration?? Now I have to say Wow! Thank you so very much for the effusive compliment! I have to say it, "You Have Made My Day"! Especially since you thought I was 22 years old!!! LOL! I feel quite honored dear!! Thank You!

    Yes, I am 60 years old, and some days I feel every bit of it, if not more! I really do HATE getting old! Blah!

    As to doing it every day, well...I can't say that I manage it everyday, but I at least try to blog every (other) day. Since I am unable to work a j-o-b, due to my ailments, I have plenty of time to get it done.

    As far as traffic, I belong to quite a few social and business network sites, as they are shown here on my page, under the heading. I have a link to my blog on every one of those sites, and I've also befriended and picked out several interesting blogs that I follow in return, including yours dear. (smiles). Other than that, the rest is probably just pure luck.

    My flawless writing I'd have to attribute to my instructors in College. The writing classes certainly helped, but I have always had a distinct and instinctive style. I don't want to give my instructors all the credit, LOL. The other thing is, I use an appropriate platform for my writing, such as Microsoft Office Word. It is an excellent software program for spotting more than just simple spelling mistakes. One other thing I use too, is Mozilla Firefox as my browser. You can set it to catch simple mistakes in spelling. If you spell a word wrong, Mozilla will automatically underline it in red.

    The only other advise I might offer is to print out your work before you post it and go over each sentence word for word. It is a good way to monitor your writing. Read it as though you were getting paid to edit it for someone else. Go over it as many times as you feel it's necessary, until you are sure it looks and sounds like it should.

    I'm very glad that you enjoyed reading my blog. Did you read any of my archived posts?? Some of the archives will tell you a little more about me, and what has been going on in my life.

    Thanks again Julie! From here on in, you are my favorite follower!!


  3. When you start worrying about your twitter/blog statistics it becomes less fun and more like a job. But it is nice to see how many people are reading things you wrote.