Saturday, February 20, 2010

Missin The "Good Ole Days" .......

It just amazes me that in the medical field today, every doctor, (that is NOT a GP), is a 'specialist'. A specialist is a doctor who only has one particular field that he/she practices exclusively. There are literally thousands of different fields of medicine that one can go into nowadays.

If you are lucky enough to find a GP who still makes house calls, then you should consider yourself very lucky indeed. But I can still remember the days when there was pretty much one doctor who could do it all. They could do the tests, make the diagnosis, prescribe the medicine, and even perform the surgery, if needed.
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A GP (general practitioner) is simply a go-between now.  The one who refers you to the one who specializes in whatever. In most situations, you won't ever see your GP anywhere but in his/her office. They order blood work, (tested and diagnosed in a lab somewhere else). The GP usually has an LPN or RN who records a patient's blood pressure, and pulse. Your GP is there for routine physicals, and follow-ups and that's about it.

But, the GP is also the most important doctor you see. They are the ones you trust the most with private and personal information. I've always been of the opinion that your GP should be someone that you feel comfortable with, someone you can confide in and trust implicitly. I'm sure ya'all would agree.

However, I'm getting away from the point that I was going to make here. As you might know from some of my previous posts, I am in the process of gathering information for a disability claim. I suffer from 24/7 pain, and I am under the care of a Pain Management Specialist, whom I was referred to by my spinal surgeon. I was referred to the spinal surgeon by my orthopedic surgeon, who was referred by my GP.

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Anyway, I had an x-ray taken of my left ankle shortly after I moved back down South.  The x-ray still needed to have a written diagnosis, and an evaluation, and I needed an orthopedic MD, or so I thought. Since I had already seen the orthopedic doctor for a problem with my hip, I felt sure that he could evaluate the x-ray of my ankle.

After all, an Orthopedic doctor is a doctor who specializes in disorders of the skeletal system.  Isn't my foot a part of my skeletal system?????? 

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As it turns out, my orthopedic surgeon only (specializes) in hips and knees.  For an evaluation of my ankle I have to see a foot doctor!!  Sighhhhhhh.

Like I said before........I sure do miss the good ole days!!


  1. I'm old enough to remember house calls and family doctors ... the good, old-fashioned kind who knew your whole family and its history. Sadly, those days are probably gone for good. I'm sorry to hear you're in pain and suffering from medical misery. Here's hoping you get to the right doc soon!

  2. is unfortunate how some things have gotten sooo much better since then, while others, like (healtcare), are NOT! The healthcare industry is completely out of hand. Physicians, Hospitals, etc. ......the costs are astronomical, and I don't see them going down. Well, things are looking up for me, day by day, so we shall see. If the warmer weather would just get here, I think that alone would make me feel better!