Sunday, February 7, 2010

Baby-Booming Freaking (Trauma Related) Ailments!!!

Okay...So when are you going to get with the program babe???   Never a better time than right now! Correct????!!!!

That folks....... was the little voice in my head that whispers to me on occasion. Actually.......its been whispering,(more like screaming - LOL), quite a bit lately!

I have not been taking care of myself in the last few years. This is partly due to severe depression, constant chronic pain, and so on and so forth. Blah, blah, blah!!

Back up the truck here Jeanie ole girl, (yes, I also talk to myself incessantly) and es'plain yerself. Must I?   Yes!  You must!  All the better for folks to understand what you've been through babe! Hmmm......well, I suppose that's true, okay, so here goes nothin.

The story, (slightly abbreviated version).

When I was very young, married and already the mother of my first born son, I was a victim of a very serious vehicle accident.

The three of us, the 1st hubby (now an ex) myself, and our 2 year old son, (hubby driving), were involved in a horrible and very tragic vehicle accident. I ended up with the worst of the injuries, and in a way, I'm glad it was me, and not my little son. He was sound asleep in the back seat of the car at the time. He was completely unaware of what had happened.

My husband and I were coming back from spending a long deserved week-end at his folks small 'home away from home'. They had a tiny mobile home rented and placed in a 'summer retreat' near Louisville Kentucky, overlooking the Ohio River. It was on the Indiana side of the river. Anyway, I digress too much.

It was the dark of night, and as I stated before, the hubby was driving down a state highway. I believe it was Hwy. Three toward North Vernon, and from there to Columbus, Indiana. However we didn't make it to North Vernon.

From what I was told, days later,(I do not recall the impact), we were hit on the drivers side of our vehicle from a vehicle that had gone through a stop sign,(high rate of speed), from a side road. The vehicle that broadsided ours was traveling so fast that the impact threw me bodily through the front passenger side window of our vehicle. I wasn't wearing a seat belt. Back then seat belts were not as yet being enforced. I do remember that I had turned sideways to lay my head on the seat and had apparently dozed off.  They told me that the impact probably knocked me unconscious immediately. My husband was thrown bodily to the back seat of our vehicle and suffered a concussion. To this day, he does not remember the accident. The concussion he suffered caused a memory block. Our son had fallen asleep on the back seat of our vehicle. In those days baby seats, and or child restraints were not being enforced either. At impact our son was thrown to the floor behind the front seats. It's possible that it could have saved his life.  He was lucky to end up with a few scrapes and some floor burns.

When I was thrown through the window I landed in a ditch beside the highway, which was bad enough, but then our vehicle rolled back and hit the ditch right where I had been thrown. It came down and hit me at an angle, crushing both my left ankle and right hip. Had our vehicle not rolled back on top of me, I probably would have been okay except for a few cuts and scratches here and there.  It took many months of recovery and physical therapy to even begin to walk again.  I lived through it however, and that is what counts.

So, as the title of this particular blog specifies, a 'trauma' related injury or ailment, is one that can sneak up on you years after an actual accident.  I developed bone spurs on my upper spine. I've had two surgical procedures where a plate was inserted and spurs removed. The last surgery was needed to remove a bone spur that was pushing against the outer wall of my spinal cord. I had endless pain for years and years, and the surgery hasn't helped much, although the bone spurs were removed, the pain continues regardless.  I was less than 45 years of age when I had to have my right hip replaced.  However, all in all I'm not complaining, for I know that there are people that have things much worse.

My little inner voice is telling me to go to bed now.  Ugh!  More wrinkles, and shadows under the eyes!

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