Monday, February 8, 2010

Americans With No Health Insurance.....

I ran across this article and it reminded me of a time when I was in this same situation, more or less.  Anyway ...........take a gander.

Many Americans Have No Health Benefits
Written by: Jermaine Brandon

Many people today take health insurance coverage for granted; there are many people who do not even have coverage. The issue is over 46 million people who do not have any health insurance or dental insurance. When you look at these numbers it breaks down that one out of every six people have no medical or dental coverage. As you view this problem it's happening to people all across the country.

The major issue facing medical insurance and dental insurance is the pros and cons of enforcing a universal coverage law that has been based on the research that many people across the states are uninsured young individuals, such as teenagers who are healthier individuals who don't believe they need any coverage.

But the problem is, there are millions of people who don't have health insurance because they suffer from chronic conditions and cannot afford the treatments. (That was me)! Although I had health insurance, I could NOT pay the deductible!

You have one out of every three working-age Americans without medical insurance who has a chronic illness to deal with, but the lack of medical or dental coverage is due to getting accepted for any health or dental insurance policy when they have a pre-existing condition. In these trying times, getting the proper care a person needs is difficult if they are already dealing with a health problem, which is going to cost them a lot of money to just get a little bit of coverage and a lot of times they are not fully covered.
With Baby Boomers reaching retirement, the need for good inexpensive health and dental care has reached an all time high. Prices for these services continue to go up with no end in sight and most people are beginning to wonder if they can afford to have dental and health at all. AmeriPlan has the answer to this problem with a program that cuts out the middle man and brings you straight to the dentist or doctor. Programs listed for every member of your household include everyone you live with, even if they are not family and all this does is allow everyone to be able to afford the health care for themselves and their family.

About the Author

When the hubby and I were separated I was still covered under his insurance, however, I did not take into accounting how bad my situation was going to get during that period of time.  I wish I had known about AmeriPlan back then, although, even with that, it was still going to cost me money.  There is no such thing as a "Free Clinic" anymore.  Everyone is out for themselves it seems.

Not long after we separated I became severely, physically, and mentally depressed.  I could not work due to the physical effects of my depression. What I mean is that my depression was so bad that I went for weeks not being able to function as a human being.  Days when I could not even muster up the strength to get out of my bed.  Yes, I had family close by, but I could not tell them how bad things really were, I was embarrassed by the fact that I had gotten myself into that situation, and it was basically my own fault. Besides which, they could offer plenty of emotional support, but not financial.

So, even though I had insurance coverage, I had  to pay a deductible before I could get anything done.  I had no income from which to pay for doctors visits or hospital stays, or emergency room visits.  Women like myself at the time (displaced home-makers), really have it rough out there. This is especially true if they have no marketable skills to fall back on, and they have been housewives and mothers for many years.  There are charitable organizations out there, if you know where to look. And even when you find them, there is usually a very long waiting list to get anything done.

What is really unfortunate for some women my age, is that in today's current economy, and under our current government, these women,who are, for whatever reason, unhappy in their marriage, but also do not have any marketable skills, are pretty much stuck in whatever situations they are enduring, unless of course, their husbands just happen to be rich.  Looking back, I realize that I didn't have it so bad.  Others like me suffer much worse.

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