Thursday, December 17, 2009

Bernake - Time magazine's Person of the Year! Ohhh Pleeassssse!

I'll make this statement short and to the point. I am sorry, but I'm not believing what is going on in our U.S of A. these days. Time magazine has presented Ben Bernake, (an evil monster as far as I am concerned), with the honor of being 'Person of the Year'. Hold on a moment.....I need to go throw-up!

Gee Whiz! Here is a man that is taking this country of ours down the proverbial drain, a man who, in my opinion, has more control over our country than even the President! Speaking of our wonderful President, I'm sure of one thing, ....that he is nothing but a puppet to the banking elitist! Just like every other President who has been in office since JFK was assassinated. Kennedy was killed because he tried to go against the banking elite, so they had him eliminated. Only my opinion folks, but there are others out there that believe this, and their numbers are growing by leaps and bounds! There is a grass-roots organization of American people who are fed up and they are doing something about it. The news that I heard, is that there will be trucks going through every state in our nation, and rallying supporters to have Obama Impeached! Unfortunately it will probably not be enough to stop the elitist who are thoroughly destroying American values and the Constitution of the United States! Mark my words, they are moving us toward what they fondly refer to as, 'The New World Order'. 'We the People' will be sheeple, herded up and kept under their control! More, and more government control. We will no longer have any means to protect ourselves. Our rights are slowly and inexorably being stripped from us as we sit idly by thinking things will change for the better. Think again people.

Our House of Representatives and Congress should (every one) get a pink slip and be fired on the spot!! Well, all but a precious few whom are trying to fight the good fight. Why is it that no one cares about there fellow man anymore. This country used to be the greatest nation in the world. Now its full of evil greed and power hungry idiots!

What will you do? How will you respond when the dollar has lost its value. If you have funds in the stock market folks, you had better think about quickly buying up all the gold that you can, because it will never loose its value. On the other hand, the American dollar won't be worth a plug nickel. Our President and Mr. Bernake and his cronies are making sure that it happens!! You think I am spouting propaganda here folks, but time will tell the story, and those of you with huge investments in corporations will loose everything. I suppose I should count myself as lucky, because truthfully folks, I've already lost everything. Everything, that is, except my self-respect, and my belief in the human spirit, and maybe my health, although that's not too good these days either.

I hear all of this talk about how we are starting to pull out of this terrible recession. Hm? Well then, why is it that unemployment is still going up in record numbers!! They are pulling the wool over everyone's eyes, laughing at us behind closed doors, and making their secret plans. No, I am not a lunatic, nor am I a crazy woman. One only has to pay attention to things around them and see without blinders on.

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