Friday, June 3, 2011

Time Flys By!

Lordie, Lordie!  I'm sorry to say that I had forgotten all about my "Posterous" acct.  Tsk, tsk, as the title implys.....TIME DOES FLY! 

I mean, much has happened since my last post, which was way too long ago!  But, most importantly, I had to make a trip to the emergency room of our hospital back in April, (thinking that I had a little acid reflux), only to discover that I had a problem with my heart!! I was completely astounded, and totally in denial! Wait a second........NOT me!!  The hubby is the one who has the heart problems, NOT ME!!

Well......needless to say, I had to accept the Hospital's hospitality for a few days. The great thing, though, about our Hospital, is that it is one of the 'Top Ten', when it comes to heart surgery. Sooooooo, I had a catherization and they discovered about 90% blockage in my left anterior artery. The surgeon cleared the blockage and then put a stent in it. I was lucky, there was NO damage to my heart.

Here are a couple of pics that blew my mind!

The top picture shows my artery before the stent placement, and the one below shows the after.

Okay.......okay, I know, I know, you are getting older woman!!

You HAVE to stop eating the bad stuff, and start eating the stuff thats good for your heart. 

Sighhhhh.........I just LOVE the chocolate covered 'creme' filled donuts they make at our local Wal-Mart store! They really are TO DIE FOR!  Too bad they are BAD for me!  Dangit! Hm?  I've heard of a new product called, "Sensa".  Just sprinkle it on anything you eat and you can still loose weight!  Ha! What could possibly be in it that can block bad cholesterol?

Has anyone ever tried this stuff??

Seems like only yesterday I posted my very 1st message on here, and then proceeded to take off and forget all about it! LMAO!  Yep!  That's me!  Ms. Forgetful, or Ms. ScatterBrain!

I do have a blog on, that I have kept up with. Well, um, for the most part. :o)

Here is the link for it, if you're interested in checking it out.

Besides my totally unexpected trip to the Hospital, the hubby has become something of a celebrity. As you know, or maybe you don't, the hubby is a BTK, (below-the-knee) amputee. He lost his left leg just below the knee in a surgical procedure that went horribly wrong. This happened back in 1998.

He found a Prosthetic Technician down here that works with him, and provides him with a very advanced and special prosthesis so that hubby can play golf and stil 'pivot'.

He was spotlighted just recently in an article for Prosthetic and Orthodic Specialists and their patients. A marketing representative for my hubby's Specialist, "Dr. Lyons of Myrtle Beach", did the interview, and subsequent article, with the hubby at the golf course where he works, "Whispering Pines" Golf Course.

It is actually in the form of an email, but it is an Online Newsletter.

Well........I'm going to get off here and try to enjoy my evening now. :o)  It is Friday evening and I've got a couple of programs on TV that I want to watch tonight.

I'll try not to be so delinquent in my posts! 

Au'revior Everyone!




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  1. i try to avoid hospital's hospitality as much as possible. glad that you are well now. Good day

  2. Yes Aiko, I try my best to avoid their 'hospitality' at all costs. But really, I did NOT have a choice in this visit. As it was, I waited almost 2 weeks before going. I remember calling my doctors office hoping to get some advise. Well.....I got my advise alright! Doc said, get your little arse over to the emergency room immediately! Whoa! I have to say I was very shocked at the results, as I was in TOTAL DENIAL. Thanks for commenting! I appreciate them all!